All parents of addicts face deeply painful challenges when it comes to negotiating the role they play in the lives of their children. The changing family dynamics inherent to young adulthood, however, present uniquely volatile conditions and can make negotiating your child’s addiction all the more difficult. The desire to stay in denial or try to parent your way out of addiction can be overwhelming, both of which may ultimately do more harm than good. But by recognizing the reality of addiction, you can pave a way forward for both your child and for yourself.

Children who lack rewarding or nurturing relationships or who suffer from poor social and coping skills are at greater risk of developing inappropriate or excessive online habits. Because they feel alone, alienated, and may have problems making new friends, they turn to invisible strangers in online chat rooms looking for the attention and companionship missing from their real lives. They may come from families with significant problems at home, or experience bullying or difficulty socializing in school and extracurricular activities, so they cope with their problems by spending time online.


A study has proven that e-addiction leads to less physical activities and this makes kids lethargic. Only the brain is getting exhausted and eyes are getting strained. But no physical activity like exercise is happening. This gives a lot of diseases an opportunity to take over your kid’s health. When kids become lethargic, they lose interest in everything, become less motivated and lose confidence. Kids become moody, crazy and lazy. At some point, a kid with these symptoms may be given a mental health diagnosis such as a major Depression or a Bipolar Disorder. E-addiction definitely has negative consequences and only a parental control app like Kids Dashboard can bring an end to the E-addiction.

Define daily limits and time schedules. After the usage limit has expired a lock screen will appear. Parents can use the Analytics page to view user statistics such as application usage time, web history, location history etc. Automatic reports are also generated for easy access to daily activities of your kids.