Digital technologies offer great possibilities for the everyday life and for businesses. Websites, emails, applications, connected devices… But, if business people are enjoying digital tools as an opportunity for their activities, can you imagine how happier are malicious hackers?

Direct attacks, phishing, intercepting information, stealing data… So many possibilities from their point of view, as the growing use of digital technologies is making the attack surface growing too.


Are you aware how the dangers of the digital world can be risky for your kid? Almost everyday a lot of kids are exposed to certain content on the internet which are inappropriate for them. Many kids are bullied, others are getting targeted by cyber thefts and so many are living in fear of the explicit messages that they receive. Children and young people, especially, are more connected to one another than all previous generations. With instant messaging and social media at their fingertips, they have the power to keep up with the world on a device no bigger than the palm of their hand. However, these sites can also bring problems, from cyberbullying to more serious internet dangers. Day-by-day the situation is worsening and to control it the only solution is the Kids Dashboard App. Download this app to protect your kids from the dangers of the digital world by managing their device, controlling internet access and controlling the application downloads. Get benefited from several features of Kids Dashboard App.

Safeguard your children from the dark web world. Protect them from the evil lurking in the dark. Keep a track on their digital addiction and manage their device and activities on the internet.