Technology is booming and each and everyone born today has left a digital footprint since the very beginning. This is the digital world and we are digital citizens.

Everything is digital in this world and everything is just a click away. We would get all we want at your doorstep. While thanking technology for minimizing efforts we need to think about whether we are on the right path. Or are we forgetting the dark side by focussing only on its good perks? Sometimes, we have to check in on such sides of every technology.


In this 21st century, it is difficult for everyone to not have at least a single social media account. Even babies are given social media accounts from the time they are born. Is that a necessary gesture? Does a baby need an account? Through this, a digital footprint of the baby is already placed with all their details. We have laid open the baby’s details from the time it was born. It has been found that providing a personal detail, whatever it may be, from a person’s name to the name of your pet, could be dangerous in these times. Experts can crack open one’s whole life and with the limitations of such small details they are waiting to prey on anyone. And by providing the details we also make it easy for them.

Technology like every other innovation in this world has advantages and disadvantages. In the wake of COVID 19, every individual must have an access to a mobile phone or laptop. Work from home and online classes make it easy for everyone to continue their lives even at these difficult times. But have you thought about their bad effects?

Most Important Issues

The most important issue associated with the rise in technology is health. More than adults youth face several physical problems by the use of digital platforms without any control. Hours of watching Television with taking no breaks in between raised obesity and eye diseases of the citizens. The next level gadgets mobile phones and laptops made this situation into a new normal especially in cases of children and teens. Binge-watching has been found at a high rate among youngsters and children. As much as one gets aware of the entertainment world, they are compromising their health to become a part of this world. Even though it is hard to survive without digital platforms and the internet, one must have specific screentime.

As much as we get familiar with the entertainment world, we must also choose outdoor activities to balance a healthy life.

Another important aspect related to the boom in technology is the issue of safety. Once we have created a digital footprint, we will not be able to remove our existence. When a person creates a profile on any social media, you give access to much personal information. Anyone, with smarter digital knowledge, could use it to manipulate and threaten you. A rapid rise in the number of cybercrimes is a fact that we have been trapped in a world of trickery and cheating. Are you aware that your laptop’s webcam could be accessed by a person in another part of the world, even if it’s switched off? But, that does not mean that one should stay away from technology or not have an online social life. Your details are already stored at the very moment you are enrolled into an institution or being admitted to a hospital for something as less of a fever. Your life has always been an open book in front of the world.

Another less dangerous but serious issue is the serious psychological issues among the children who easily get attracted and addicted to the digital world and by thinking everyone else is living a better life than them, they fall into serious mental issues. Also, this could create criminals and applypeople with social anxieties. We need to realize that everything we see online is not always true. We are blinded by such farces.

Digital technology, being an aid for children’s education and jobs could also be a distraction. Easily tempted by the memes and videos you see on social media, kids would keep on scrolling through the pages and will not be aware that they have been spending hours on it. By the end of the day, they have gained nothing but more screentime and hence more health issues.

What Kids Dashboard App Offer

In a digital world where children face abuses, threats and several other issues in their daily life, we need to take control of this situation. As a parent, as an adult, we need to prevent without cutting them off from the digital space. Kids Dashboard App offers the best solution to control your children and prevent them from the dangers of the digital world.

Benefits of Kids Dashboard App

Kids Dashboard provides solutions for every parent’s nightmares when their children are introduced to a digital world. With the help of the app, you can create a dashboard where only the chosen apps will be available for the kids to open. Playstore also can be disabled so that they won’t able to download any other apps. Setting a pin to exit the dashboard, setting particular screen time to use the device are some other features kids Dashboard offers to make the children less trapped in the devices. Also, the application provides the history of how long each app has been used and allows web filtering where parents can add URLs to not to keep them diverted from the particular website.

With the cloud version of Kids Dashboard, Live tracking of your kid’s device from your device is possible. You can set geofences and get an alert when they enter and exit those zones.

Kids Dashboard App comes to the top list when your topmost priority is the protection and safety of children from the dangerous digital world. By installing the application, you can easily protect your children from cyberattacks, bullying, threats, and traps which could harm their future and mental health. To know more, visit www.kidsdashboard.com