When we are talking about screen time, it includes any time an individual is in front of a screen, including gaming devices, tablets, and phones.

Parents are not usually concerned about the amount of time their child is spending in front of a screen until adolescence, when their Kids becomes “obsessed” with their phone and social media. Studies have shown that Kids spend more than 6 hours per day on a screen and it can interfere with sleep and homework because they are worried about missing out on something.


Define daily limits or schedule what times the kids can use the device. Want your kids to not waste time on their smartphones so that they can focus on studies? We got your back.

Kids Dashboard App helps you to set daily limits or schedule, what time your kids can use their device. Set and forget! Limit Screen Time access automatically for recurring activities like school or bedtime. Setting a limit on the device usage will not only help them to focus on studies but also bring an end to the e-addiction. Encourage responsibility by having your kids budget Screen Time allowances throughout the day. Independently!