Gone are the days where children or toddlers easily handling a smartphone or tablet have gone viral on the internet. Everyone knows how to operate a digital gadget and using them is not a great deal today.


Internet is an open platform that anyone could access from anywhere. The world will almost stop working if the Internet goes down as our lives depend on it. Children watching cartoons, teens searching for study materials and lectures and adults for working, for anything today, we need internet. It has a lot of benefits and advantages, but it also comes with some serious issues we need to be taken care of.

There is always a possibility of children coming across illegal content like images and videos of child abuse and advice from dangerous people leads to suicide and violence etc. Communicating with strangers and providing personal information can lead to bullying, shaming, and posting negative content and comments is another way to get trapped and cheated in the digital world. Children often watching the videos and websites which are restricted under a certain age can make them get exposed to dark webs and can eventually spoil their future.

People with advanced knowledge of technology can easily access all your data in just one second and they can use this to manipulate and threaten children. They can use children’s identities for their purposes which could put the children in real danger.

So it is important to monitor and direct what they watch, browse, and does on online. If you think it is not an easy task, then with the help of Kids Dashboard, it can be.

Monitor and Manage kids' Activities

Kids Dashboard is a parental control app that helps to take control over your kid’s engagement in digital platforms. The application helps to turn any device into a kids’ device.


The parent can choose the apps, kids need to interact with and also can disable all other apps including the Google Play store. A specific time can be fixed in the application to reduce the overtime usage of kids on digital devices. After the time’s up, the device will be locked. You can also set a pin to exit the kid’s mode so that the children won’t be able to exit without parental supervision. Using the cloud feature, the parent can log in and see the activities the kids are doing online. There, you can see the records of the time used for each app and also about the websites visited. Location tracking can also be set in the Kids Dashboard app which you will be able to check wherever your kid is and also track them live.

Benefits of Kids Dashboard

  • Using kids Dashboard, parents can control what the kids search online.
  • Can set geo-fences to make sure the child's location and safety.
  • Allows to control and monitor kid's devices by enabling and disabling certain features and applications.
  • Cyber Security: By web filtering, children can be prevented from reaching illegal websites and can keep them away from trickery.
  • Setting screen time reduces E-addiction in children.

From anywhere, the parent can log in and see the kid are safe and whether they are in the safe zones you created. Without any complications or worries, you can do all of this with the help of the Kids Dashboard app. Install the application from www.kidsdashboard.com and go tense-free about your kids.