There are many types of parental Mode apps and software on the market, managing everything from filtering the sites your child visits to sending you alerts and reports regarding what your child is doing and more.

Think of Kids Dashboard App (Parental Mode) as your right-hand man, an extra set of eyes helping monitor your child’s online activity, keeping them safe and secure.


Most devices come with native parental controls, but Kids Dashboard App can easily be disabled or worked around. They often lack many capabilities and customizable features that a parent will be looking for when setting up limits for their child. Not only does Kids Dashboard App keep your family safe and keep you alert of any dangerous activity, but this App can also help you find a balance when it comes to the amount of screen time your child is getting by allowing you to set limits.

Parents have a huge job of trying to keep their children safe while simultaneously giving them space to grow. As technology advances and we all spend more time on our devices, customizable Kids Dashboard App (Parental Mode) is a great tool for parents to add to their arsenal.