Kids dashboard provides a secure browser function which keeps your kids safe online. Parents can manually block certain websites; web searches can be tracked and millions of URLs can be blocked.

Parents can take benefit of the various controls:

  • Applications – You can select the list of applications that your child can use so that your child doesn’t have access to any other applications.
  • Wallpaper – With the help of this feature you have the access to change the wallpaper and set a wallpaper lock so that your child cannot change the set wallpaper.
  • PIN – Set a pin code so that whenever your child tries to access anything beyond your permitted actions then the “enter pin” option would display and they won’t be able to access anything else without entering the pin.
  • Schedule – Schedule the usage time. Assign time for surfing, usage of various apps so that your child can use the application only for the scheduled time.
  • Add Web Shortcuts – You can now add shortcuts of the URLs that you want your kids to access easily and block the ones that you don’t want them to visit.

Check out more features of this application and download it now to secure your kids. For more details, visit:the website