As technology develops day by day, it is hard to keep an eye on every update. But still, we are trying and doing our maximum to run along with that. Like Tom Peters once said TRUST, NOT TECHNOLOGY IS THE ISSUE OF THE DECADE. We here try to combine technology with trust and use that technology to increase your trust in your kids and provide the world’s best trustworthy app KIDS DASHBOARD, for keeping your kids safe.


By the time you finish reading this blog, there will be at least 11 cyber cases reported around the world. The rapid rise in cybercrimes is one reason you should choose Kids Dashboard. We should be aware that today’s generation is much quicker in understanding, learning, and operating digital devices than the previous generation. So, we help you to control your kid’s uncontrollable quench to live in the digital world. Kids Dashboard is a parental control app which transforms Android devices to Kids device. The application is designed to reduce the usage of mobile devices and helps to stop the e-addictions in kids.

Many features tell you to choose Kids Dashboard rather than going for other apps. Some of them are:

Application Dashboard: This feature helps to create a dashboard for kid’s where only selected applications are available when the mode is activated. The Dashboard also restricts the kids from interacting with the other apps. Google Playstore can also be disabled, which results in preventing them from downloading apps.

Location Tracking: Live location Tracking is another feature that makes Kids Dashboard different from others. Parents can know where their kids are and can set geo-fences. The parent will get alert when the kids enter and exit the safe zones. It helps to keep the kid safe from dangerous places and entering unknown compounds.

Web Filtering: Illegal content watching and sharing is one of the common mistakes most kids do and to prevent that, kids Dashboard provides web filtering. The parents can paste the links of the websites kids want to use. Protecting children away from online abuse, threats and problems is a way to make them feel safe in the digital world.


Screen Time: A particular Screen Time can be set on kids mode which helps to prevent the over usage of the device. Kids tend to keep watching videos one after the other and play games until they are out of life or the battery is dead and that is the basic of E-addiction in a kid. So, If you set up a time to use the device when the time is over, the screen will be locked and can only be unlocked by a pin set by parents.

Web Control: parents can use web login to get a clear idea of what the kids have been doing on the device. After logging in, the parent can see the reports of how long each app has been used by the kids and details of the date and time. And also keep track of the websites they visited. This helps the parent to get an overview of how the kids have been using the device and the internet.

Kids Dashboard is World’s first 3 in 1 parental control solution. We provide Kids Mode, Parent Mode, and Device Management. Parent mode helps you set up profiles for multiple kids and from one device, you can control all of them. Device Management helps you to take control over the whole device.

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