While dozens of apps promise to monitor and protect your kids, Kids Dashboard App will actually give you the peace of mind that your child is safe. Many apps require so many settings and hours of work from your side that you’ll be full time working for your child’s phone, or worse, they simply don’t do the job.

Kids Dashboard App the best parental control apps and software to protect your kids. These apps have everything you need to keep your children safe on their devices — even when they’re away from home. These apps filter out harmful and inappropriate content across multiple websites and social networks. They also give you easy-to-use tools to monitor your child’s activity, keep track of their location, and set healthy screen time limits. The best part? They’re all quick to set up and easy to use. Ready to protect your kid’s while they’re online? Let’s dive in and learn about these apps’ unique strengths.


Kids Dashboard App also allows you to easily customize the websites, apps, and types of content you’d like to block your kids from accessing, which is great if you’re concerned that specific apps or sites aren’t blocked by default. This parental control app comes with the ability to set internet use schedules for each of your children so you can help them establish healthy screen time limits.

This is a perfect parental control app to gain insights into your kids’ digital addiction. It is more important now than ever to monitor and regulate our kids internet and apps usage. From vulgar language to hateful comments, it has become so easy to infect kids’ devices and eventually their lives. With Kids Dashboard App you can control the screen time, put a filter on inappropriate apps and manually block sites. Also, you can turn on the location tracking to keep a track on your kid. Manage full device and application dashboard. Download this trustworthy app now!